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See Maximize WPF 3D performance

High impact summary
  • Brush (SolidColorBrush is fastest)
  • ClipToBoundsProperty (false is fastest)
  • IsHitTestVisible (false is fastest)
  • GeometryModel3D (create different models only when they require different Materials or Transforms)
  • Mesh animation (detach the mesh from the visual tree before performing per-vertex modification)
  • 3D Antialiasing (disable multisampling on a Viewport3D by setting the attached property EdgeMode to Aliased)
  • Text (use images instead of DrawingBrush)
  • TileBrush (use caching)
  • BitmapEffect (do not use)

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Rogad May 29, 2014 at 10:20 PM 
How can one remove a mesh from the visual tree please ?