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HelixViewport3D input gestures

Gesture Command
RMB rotate
Shift + RMB pan
Ctrl + RMB zoom
Ctrl + Shift + RMB zoom rectangle
Alt + RMB change field of view
Mousewheel zoom
Shift + Mousewheel change field of view
Doube-click RMB set target point
Doube-click MMB reset camera
Home zoom extents
PageUp/PageDown zoom
Arrow keys rotate
Ctrl+U/D/L/R/F/B look from side

RMB - Right mouse button
MMB - Middle mouse button
Note that the mouse gestures can be changed in the HelixViewport3D.

Camera modes
  • Inspect - use to look at things
  • Walkaround - flying/walking around a scene
  • FixedPosition - camera is always in a fixed position, e.g. use for panorama viewers

Mode Camera position LookDirection Target Rotation Panning Zooming
Inspect/Examine rotate rotating fixed moves camera position moves camera and target move closer target
Walkaround fixed rotating rotating and moving moves target moves camera and target move in the camera direction
Fixed position fixed rotating rotating moves target n/a change FOV

Camera rotation modes
  • Turntable - does not change your up axis
  • Trackball - free rotation

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