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Cutting planes demo

  • Open the "ExampleBrowser" application to run this example.
  • The source code can be found in Source\Examples\ExampleBrowser\Examples\CuttingPlanes

This application demonstrates how to apply cutting planes to a model.
See CONREC for more information on the contour algorithm that is used to perform the cutting.


            <ht:CuttingPlaneGroup x:Name="cuttingGroup1">
                    <ht:Plane3D Normal="0,-1,0"/>
                    <ht:Plane3D Normal="2,-1,0.1"/>
                <ht:SphereVisual3D Center="0,0,2" BackMaterial="{ht:Material Blue}" Material="{ht:Material LightBlue}"/>
                <ht:CubeVisual3D Center="0.2,0.1,0" SideLength="2" BackMaterial="{ht:Material Green}" Material="{ht:Material LightGreen}"/>
                <ht:TruncatedConeVisual3D Origin="0.2,0.1,3" BackMaterial="{ht:Material Red}" Material="{ht:Material LightCoral}"/>

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