Binding HelixViewPort : What to bind for these Models?

Feb 6, 2014 at 3:31 PM
In my WPF application, I am using Helix 3dToolkit. In my XAML I have added HelixViewPort3D (myViewPort). Based on certain selections, I add elements dynamically, using myViewPort.Children.Add(visual3DObj). I mainly add components like Rectangle, Pipe, Cone.

I wish to edit (add/remove/update) elements based on selections changed. For that I believe I got to bind HelixViewPort in XAML with something in Code Behind. I can't get what property of HelixViewPort I got to bind in XAML, and to add all Children elements due to which the changes in models can be affected in view.

I looked out in examples of Helix, and also tried it but couldn't succeed, hence am asking here.

Kindly help me. Thanks.