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Lines are display Incomplete for rect3D



We have create the model in helix3Dviewport and added AddBoundingBox into this view port.
my issues is when i zoom-in and zoom-out the model the AddBoundingBox lines are not displayed completely , it is displayed in dotted lines.

we have user the AddBoundingBox function with parameter rect3D and opacity is 2.

here is my code..

Private Function CreateDice(ByVal rect3D As Rect3D, ByVal brush As Brush) As ModelVisual3D
    Dim diceMesh = New MeshBuilder()      
    diceMesh.AddBoundingBox(rect3D, 2)

    Dim GeometryModel3D = New GeometryModel3D()
    GeometryModel3D.Geometry = diceMesh.ToMesh(True)
    GeometryModel3D.Material = MaterialHelper.CreateMaterial(brush) 

    Dim ModelVisual3D = New ModelVisual3D()
    ModelVisual3D.Content = GeometryModel3D

    Return ModelVisual3D

End Function
Please find the attached screen shot. In screen shot the lines not display completely.

how to resolve this lines issue..


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