Moving manipulators by Code

Jul 23, 2012 at 7:56 PM

Great Toolkit. Im just getting started and Im already blown away.

I created a TruncatedConeVisual3D , as well as as a TranslateManipulator, in XAML, that is bound to the Cone Transform.

The Cone moves along the designated Axis correctly when dragging the TranslateManipulator

But after I move the Cone/manipulator in code using: (VB.Net)

OriginManipulator.Transform = New TranslateTransform3D(XShift, 0, 0)             Cone1.Transform = New TranslateTransform3D(XShift, 0, 0)

The Pair update, but I am unable to drag the mouse on the manipulator afterwards. The manipulator seems frozen in that spot, but dragging the mouse anyway moves the Cone (but the manipulator stays in place)

Am I going about this the right way ?